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Stellar Tremendous Drop Scares Intraday Traders

  • Stellar (XLM) price take a deep dig and touches $0.064.
  • The future of the coin still holds the hope of recovery.

Stellar usually paves a way for itself rather than falling under the market pressure. However, the ongoing month has dragged stellar under the market pressure and it couldn’t swim out of it. The price is dealing at $0.064 and there is a possibility that the day would end with a negative sign. In yesterday’s chart, XLM was seen climbing up to 0.070165 USD and sinking to 0.062548 USD. The recovery in the intraday chart is quite thin, so let’s have a look at the chart.

Current Statistics of XLM:

The Trading View chart is taken on September 24, 2019, at 06:49:34 UTC.

Stellar Price Chart

Yesterday, the coin started dealing at $0.068 and in the opening hour, the price dropped to $0.065 by 5.29%. The escalation took place and  XLM jumped to $0.068 by 5.48%. The escalation kept intact and the price went to $0.069. Later, it started dropping and booked a fall of 8.60%; the day closed at $0.063. Today, XLM began the day with a fall; the counter switched from $0.063 to $0.062 by 1.55%. The price is currently on the path of recovery and the price is dealing at $0.064.

Stellar holds a lot of potentials and carries a volatile momentum. There are few speculations that it would recover the ongoing loss at one go and is most likely to close the year at a profitable digit.

Stellar is crashing down; hence, we would recommend the traders to hold their investment for some time.

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