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Cardano Encircles itself by a Spiking Trend After a Steep Fall


Cardano was trading at $0.035428 on September 26, 2019, exhibiting a bearish move. The coin managed to gain some pace and the next day reached as high as $0.039676. Unable to maintain its efficiency at this level, the price of the coin witnessed a drop to the level of $0.036031 on September 30, 2019. However, since the end of last month, ADA has managed to bounce back with the price reaching the highest trading price of $0.039910, yesterday. While writing this analysis, ADA continued to maintain an upward trend.

Cardano Price Analysis:

Cardano Price

ADA is reflecting an upward trend by 6.72% as compared to the trading price of September 30, 2019. We anticipate that the same trend will continue, and ADA will be traded close to $0.038478 by tomorrow.

As per the current trend of Cardano, we advise to sell the coins in hand. The MACD indicator confirms that the coin is reflecting a bullish run. ADA can be traded today in the range of $0.03783000 and $0.03871000.  As per the movement of the coin since past 5 days, we recommend trading from a long-term purpose as it has all the potential to reach newer heights.

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