IOTA Manifests an Upward Trend as Observed from the 7-day Movement


IOTA was trading at $0.26858489 as on September 26, 2019, post which the coin reached $0.24521124 due to a few sharp falls. On the following day the price reached $0.26880969 and remained stable till the end of the previous month. On September 30, 2019 the price reached $0.25107964 and it seems that the coin has managed to pick up its pace since the stated fall. While writing this analysis, IOTA was indicating towards a bullish trend.

IOTA to USD Price Analysis:

IOTA Price Chart

IOTA indicates an upward rise by 12% when compared to the drop-in price of September 26, 2019. We anticipate that IOTA may continue to rise marginally in the upcoming days and can be traded around the price of $0.27592775.

As per today’s movement of IOTA we suggest purchasing new coins and retain the same at least for a minimum of 3 and more years. The MACD indicator is below zero but exhibits a bullish trend as the MACD line overpowers the signal line. Over the past week, the coin has witnessed several rises and falls and has not been able to maintain its consistency at any price. Hence it is suggested to trade from a long-term vision as IOTA can reach greater heights.

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