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Bitstamp’s New Mobile App Now Available For iOS and Android


Bitstamp, a number one international cryptocurrency exchange, these days announces the launch of its new mobile app, that is currently accessible on the Apple App Store and Google Play.

The new app combines all the tools that build Bitstamp engaging for advanced traders in Associate in Nursing intuitive interface, straightforward enough that anyone will begin mercantilism in seconds. “The new app can permit our users to require Bitstamp with them where they are going to trade cryptocurrencies on an easy-to-use mobile interface,” same Nejc Kodrič, CEO of Bitstamp. “Crypto ne’er sleeps and currently our customers can have a replacement tool to remain on high of the markets firmly from their mobile devices.” Besides functioning on the mobile version of Bitstamp, we’re additionally getting the ready variety of upgrades for our desktop platform in Associate in Nursing well-rounded effort to boost our users’ mercantilism expertise.

To properly service Associate in Nursing augmented the range of users since the launch of Bitstamp’s 1st app in 2015, Bitstamp designed its new app with clarity, potency and quantifiability in mind. Low fees, Associate in Nursing array of order varieties and in-depth charts area unit what sets the new Bitstamp app aside from different crypto wallets and exchange apps.

The mobile app is an element of a series of developments Bitstamp has undertaken to boost the mercantilism expertise of its users. The crypto pioneer is emotional regular upgrades over the course of the year, with a replacement desktop mercantilism interface getting into closed beta testing and technical school partnerships with market observance professional Irisium and Cinnober, first mercantilism and clearing technology supplier, slated for implementation by finish of Q2. With each in-house developed upgrades an increasing range of high-profile technical school partnerships, Bitstamp continues following its vision to bridge the gap between crypto and ancient finance.

A verified Bitstamp account is critical to use the app, however, coming versions can permit users to register and verify their accounts within the app. Bitstamp’s previous mobile app is disabled when a one-month crossover period; but, all users area unit inspired to modify to the new app instantly for improved performance, dependability, and extra options.

Founded in 2011, Bitstamp may be a leading international cryptocurrency exchange and also the EU’s largest by mercantilism volume. presently providing mercantilism between BTC, BCH, ETH, XRP, LTC, USD and EUR, the exchange empowers people and establishments to reap the advantages of raising money technologies by unlocking reliable access to leading cryptocurrencies.

With its target prudence and oversight, Bitstamp is unambiguously positioned to function a stepping-stone between the standard money and cryptocurrency worlds. Safe, straightforward and secure to use, Bitstamp invariably puts its customers 1st, that is why it gets the stamp of approval from over three million traders throughout the planet. For a lot of data concerning however, Bitstamp supports the exchange of currencies, data, ideas, and trust, visit

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