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Bitcoin Cash Might Be Able to Surge in Positive Returns by the End of This Year


Awemany, a leading software developer recently launched an alternative approach towards BCH network called ‘delta blocks’ which might help in resolving problems like a zero-confirmation transaction. But only time will tell if this approach is going to benefit the BCH network or not!

Bitcoin Cash Price Analysis & Forecast:

The value of BCH is trading at $297.8 at 10:39 UTC on 4th September 2019. Yesterday, the value was initially seen trading at $293.1 at 00:13 UCT time. The value then increased by 4.67% at 16:17 UTC with the trading value of $306.8. The value today is dropped again by 3.91% at 08:43 UTC trading at $294.9 value. The value from then is slightly increased by 0.93% as of now.

BCH is seen sliding away from the strong bearish zone. Well, it means that it might be time for users to look at the trade closely as it might slide in the bullish zone soon. However, the expectation is that the returns of BCH must turn to the positive figures now. Will that be possible by end of this year? Let’s hope at least!

Bitcoin Cash Price

The short term investment might result in fine returns. So let’s focus on the same as compared to long term investment.

The resistance and  support levels are calculated as follows:

Resistance Levels:

R3: 318.4

R2: 311.93

R1: 306.4

Support Levels:

S1: 294.4

S2: 287.93

S3: 282.4

It is predicted that by end of the year, the returns might turn into the positive side. BCH might be able to lead the marathon of one of the favorite altcoins.

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