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Bears in Control for Cardano (ADA); Next Resistance to Look for $0.0463


Cardano was priced as high as $0.044398 on September 24, 2019. On the same day, due to market pressure, ADA coin price reached $0.036758. Then, it was trading in the same range till the next day. On September 26, Cardano was being traded as low as $0.035443. For the next two days, Cardano price was almost flattish. While writing the price comparison, it seems that the coin has gained some pace and will rise upwards shortly.

Cardano Price Analysis:

Cardano Price Chart

ADA coin reflects an upward momentum by 4.27% as compared to the lowest trading price of September 26, 2019. We anticipate that the price of Cardano may continue to rise and reach close to its next resistance level of $0.037 soon. After a week, the coin may be traded above its major resistance level of $0.040.

As per the present trend of Cardano, you can purchase new coins or hold the existing coins as per your discretion. Today, ADA can be traded in the range of its support and resistance levels $0.03540 and 0.040996. The CMF indicator also confirms that the coin is at present moving upwards. Cardano may cross $0.054 by the end of this year.

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