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EOS Takes a Dip of 25% in the Last Trading Week


Speaking of EOS network, there was a recent update about the same. However, the price of EOS did not escalate with the momentum it was expected to be.

EOS to USD Price Analysis:

EOS was initially seen trading as low as $2.9515 on September 25 at 02:00 UTC. The price of the coin was then dropped by 11.03% on September 26 at 16:30 UTC, trading at $2.626. Later, the value was increased by 9.89% on September 27 at 21:40 UTC, which led the coin to trade at $2.885.

The value from then dropped by 6.61% on September 29 at 12:15 UTC, trading at $2.695. However, the current trading price is a result of a marginal 1.63% drop.

EOS Price Chart

Just like the trend of many other altcoins, EOS is trading in the bearish zone only.

The short-term investors should take a halt in order to decide wisely. However, the long-term investors can invest once the price remains above the baseline persistently as the coin has enough potential.

The calculated resistance and support levels are as follows:

Resistance Levels:

R1: $2.87, R2: $2.94, R3: $3.01

Support levels:

S1: $2.73, S2: $2.66, S3: $2.59

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