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Amidst Volatility, Litecoin Price might drop in the Upcoming Days


The price of Litecoin was seen trading at $65.34 at 08:31 UTC on 2nd September 2019. Yesterday, the LTC price was initially seen trading at $65.17 at 04:25 UTC. Then, Litecoin price dropped by 1.54% by 17:46 UTC time when the trading price changed to $64.16. In no time, LTC coin saw an increase of 4.71% at 22:23 UTC time yesterday value trading at $67.21, which is now dropped by 2.74% from then as of now.

Litecoin is trading with the bearish nature inviting many new traders to ‘buy’ LTC coin and join the network. However, users have set their expectations with the coin and let’s hope that Litecoin must be able to fulfill the desired returns. It can be really tricky as of now to decide on the trading move. But as of now, the ideal decision is to analyze the trend and wait for Litecoin to switch into the upward movement.

Considering, short-term and long-term investment goal, the best decision is to watch the trend closely or may be buy new LTC coins and hold on to the positions for future returns.

Litecoin Price

In order to avoid sudden unnecessary losses, the calculated resistance and support levels are highly endorsed:

Resistance Levels

R3: 69.38

R2: 68.07

R1: 67.11

Support Levels

S1: 64.84

S2: 63.53

S3: 62.57

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