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Bitcoin Cash Might Escalate In The Positive Zone Soon!


After Bitcoin Cash officially launch their network updates, they might be able to attract the traders. BCH is known to be quite popular cryptocurrency as the promising returns have been really surprising for the traders.

Bitcoin Cash Price Analysis & Forecast

The price of Bitcoin Cash is seen trading at $281.7 at 07:55 UTC on 2nd September 2019. The start of September 2019 might have been interesting for the traders. BCH price was initially seen trading at $282 at 03:46 UTC yesterday. The value then dropped by 2.75% at 17:45 UTC when the trade price changed to $274.3. By evening around 21:35 UTC, Bitcoin Cash price escalated above the baseline by 3.41% when the trade changed to $283.6. Today, at 02:15 UTC, BCH price has dropped by 1.18% with the trading value of $280.3, which is escalated by 0.52% from then as of now.

Surviving Bitcoin Cash as of now might be little difficult for traders considering that the returns of BCH coin are negative, and the trade is in the bearish zone. It is difficult to predict as to when the BCH price might trade with bullish nature.

Bitcoin Cash Price

In order to consider the immediate capping, the resistance support level might help the traders with the best decision possible:

Resistance Levels

R3: 292.73

R2: 288.15

R1: 285.24

Support Levels

S1: 277.75

S2: 273.17

S3: 270.26

Whether it’s a short-term or long-term investment, Bitcoin Cash might give you a little tough time. However, by end of 2019, we might see the trade switching to a positive node.

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