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Zcash Price Relaxes and Remains Stable Around $33


ZEC price comparison over the past 5 days indicates the present bearish movement for the coin. It was trading as high as $35.94 on October 20, 2019, holding an up-trending stable movement then. It was being traded at the highest price of $36.84 on the same day. From October 23, 2019, due to a couple of falls, Zcash started to recede. ZEC was being traded at the lowest trading price of the said time frame at $31.96. While writing this analysis, the price continued to remain below the baseline.

Zcash Price Analysis:

ZCash Price Chart

Today, Zcash is reflecting a downtrend of 9.54% when compared to the price rise of October 20, 2019. As per the present trend, momentum and market volatility, the coin is not observed having any improved trading price any soon.

With this, ZEC is expected to be traded in the range of $32.97 and $33.59, today. We strongly suggest selling the existing investments in hand as per the trend noticed. The CMF indicator also points that ZEC is reflecting a bearish run.

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