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Aspiring Cryptocurrency Trader: Choose the Best Trading Plan at Cryptohopper


Cryptohopper is one of the world’s leading automated cryptocurrency trading bot, which has carved a special place for itself among cryptocurrency traders and enthusiasts. It is not difficult to find reasons behind the popularity of this automated tool; it is safe, secure, and comes equipped with several segment-first features that make the trading a child’s play.

Thanks to the feature of automated trading, you need not evaluate several different options to make logical decisions while deciding which cryptocurrency to invest in or not. Not only this saves time but also helps to earn better returns as all the decision making happens to be purely logical rather than influenced by emotional cues.

Unique Features and Capabilities

Cryptohopper has build-in more than 130 technical indicators and candlestick patterns like SMA, RSI, Stochastic and Bollinger bands that the user can easily select them and create an automated strategy that will run tirelessly 24/7 in the crypto market. Once the user has set up a strategy, either bought from the marketplace or create in the strategy designer, and configure settings like Stop loss, Take profit and coins selected, the bot will start trading automatically with the crypto funds of the exchange.

You can utilize the copy trading feature of Cryptohopper, which allows you to copy 40+ experts. All of them at your disposal, to replicate the same success story as of theirs. The functionality of simulation trading is also very useful as it helps you to apply a different kind of strategies in different situations while at the same time helping you to excel in tackling unknown territories with no risk.

Do not hesitate to take advantage of key features like stop-loss to control profits, and shorting will make sure that you make most of the market even during the downturn. Looking for profitable trades 24/7, automated trading on Cryptohopper allows you to trade from anywhere and at any time, which is a handy feature for professionals and newbies shouldering several responsibilities at once.

Recently, Cryptohopper has released two highly requested new bots: The Exchange Arbitrage and Market Maker bot. The Exchange Arbitrage bot looks for price differences across exchanges to trade quickly them quickly and obtain profitable trades with low risk.

On the other hand, the Market Maker bot carries out a common practice among high-frequency traders, market making. It consists of trading the difference between the bid (buy price) and the ask (sell price), also known as the spread, of a cryptocurrency pair. The market-making bot will continuously trade the spread of any selected market. Quick in and outs to profit from the spread.

Trading Plans

Depending upon capital and risk-taking appetite, you can choose from several trading options available on the Cryptohopper. In all, there are four options to choose from: Free trial Hopper, Explorer Hopper, Adventure Hopper, and Hero Hopper.

1) Free trial Hopper: As the name suggests, the trial hopper allows you to have the first-hand experience of the Cryptohopper. You can try it for seven days free of cost, and the account provides you a facility to take 80 positions while allowing you to select 15 coins. A maximum of two triggers are available, and your bot will be analysing the market every 10 minutes and also get paper trading.

2) Explorer Hopper: Once the trial period is over, you need to switch to the Explorer Hopper option. This trading option will provide you access to 80 positions while letting you select 15 coins with the max of two triggers. Every 10 minutes, the bot will check the market according to your strategy to look for profitable opportunities and also get paper trading. This trading option will be charged at a $19/month fee.

3) Adventure Hopper: One step above the Explorer Hopper is Adventure Hopper option, and here you can take 200 positions while selecting up to a maximum of 50 coins. You can configure 5 triggers, and the bot will analyse all the selected markets every 5 minutes to open positions.

The additional convenience comes in the form of exchange arbitrage. This is a brand new type of bot that the Crytptohopper team has recently release. It has been very requested by the crypto community and now it’s a reality. With it, you can take advantage of price differences in the price of several coins between exchanges. Also, you get a paper trading. This account will cost you $49/month.

4) Hero Hopper: At the top of the trading ladder options, Cryptohopper offers the Hero Hopper option. It has got the best combination of features and facilities. This subscription allows you to take as large as 500 positions while selecting a maximum of 75 coins. These numbers are huge and maximize your possibility of making handsome margins at any given point in time. Maximum 10 triggers are available, and to facilitate the analysis, you will get the report every two minutes. Your hopper could receive signals from marketplace signallers for all the coins, which is very positive for the people opting for this Hero Hopper account.

Further, the deal becomes sweeter with the addition of market makers, market (intra-exchange) arbitrage, and paper trading facilities. The market maker bot has been very well accepted by the crypto traders. This brand new bot trades constantly the spread of the market selected, therefore taking advantage of it and pocket the spread as profit, The subscription fee for this account is $99/month.

In sum, the large variety of trading options available from the house of Cryptohopper is very useful and unique in the industry. You can choose according to your risk appetite, capital and the level of competence in cryptocurrency trading and can always graduate to a higher level when you deem the time is right to do so.

Create an account in less than a minute and start trading automatically with Cryptohopper by clicking here!

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