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Wu Xiao, White Matrix CEO Describes How his Team made 500,000 Smart Contracts in a mere 120 days!


ChainIDE was developed by White Matrix, an IOST Partner Node; it has become one of the first online IDE supporting Move languages. It empowers developers to use this new language effectively. ChainIDE not only backs gaming and Defi dApps, but also the smart contracts where ever it is required.


  • IDE can be termed as the “Integrated Development Environment,” which is an irreplaceable tool in software development. In the blockchain business, constructing a blockchain framework, as a rule, require 1 to 2 hours or considerably more time.
  • White Matrix introduced ChainIDE in late June this year and it can assist developers with design, test, compile, call, deploy in under 1 minute.
  • Currently, ChainIDE has helped developers over 100 nations to complete around 500,000 smart contracts cloud services in 4 months.

Development of ChainIDE

  • Wu Xiao declared that ChainIDE is the main cloud IDE to coordinate the Libra Move language. The Libra environment was launched on Facebook, where the team has been focusing.
  • During the real development process, the group found that Libra’s development ecosystem was very tedious and time-consuming, and the group felt that other development teams would experience the same issues as they faced.
  • Hence, White Matrix chose to create ChainIDE to assist everybody in saving time through cloud computing. Currently, ChainIDE has permission to seven public links like Libra, ETH, Cocos, Fisco, and IOST. Moreover, developers can switch to the development environment of various blockchains with one button, by significantly reducing the development costs.

Developing Smart contracts with ChainIDE

  • For White Matrix, the greatest importance of developing ChainIDE is to help all blockchain developers save marginal expenses and speed up the use of blockchain. Succinctly, it is the mission of ChainIDE to develop more innovative applications to clients and help developers to launch blockchain products quicker.
  • By providing a one-stop cloud solution to solve diverse public chain development ecosystems, and the basic functions that are open and free, ChainIDE, in only 4 months, has attracted developers of over 100 nations and 500,000 bits of Smart Contract flow.
  • The group’s vision is that the environment of every public chain is unique and ChainIDE has been exceptionally adapted to the development stage.

Future plans

Moreover, Wu Xiao stated that ChainIDE would initially standardize a few practical modules in the forthcoming future, helping developers to implement various functions dependent on modules rapidly. Later, there will be more full-chain related advancements, like dApps, a single tick conversion between various public chains. Even though it is hard to execute, it is technically possible, which is in the group’s research and development direction.

Wrap Up

Wu Xiao also stated that White Matrix has consistently been in the parallel direction of scientific application and research and in the mix of landing and exploration. Moreover, after understanding the similarity of different public chain development languages, ChainIDE will endeavor to give more advanced services shortly.

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