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Velas (VLX) Lists First on Leading Cryptocurrency Exchange


The developer of the artificial intelligence DPoS Blockchain, Velas announced on Twitter that Velas token, i.e. VLX would appear on the first major cryptocurrency exchange This information was tweeted on September 17, 2019. You can check the tweet from the below link.

Now, from September 18, 2019, you can trade VLX tokens on which is the leading exchange by the volume of trading. All the investors across Australasia and other parts of the world can buy and sell VLX tokens to trade in digital currency and access services that are built on the Velas blockchain.

The CEO of the Velas, Alex Alexandrov, said that he is happy that has listed their native token. is a big platform that will expose Velas to the broad audience and will bring liquidity with its half a billion dollars trade volume. Now, all the traders around the world can use to buy and sell VLX securely. This is the beginning, and many more things are expected to come. He added that they have many provisions in the pipeline that will be shared soon with the community of Velas.

BW stands for Bitcoin Website. In 2014, was declared as a BTC mining pool. In 2017, this platform evolved to the exchange, and then, it was responsible for the mining of 300,000 BTC, 1.5M LTC, and 2M ETH. In the current scenario, this website has an all-in-one cryptocurrency portal that provides services like OTC and P2P. There are more than 100 crypto assets that are tabulated on the exchange that also serves IEO Launchpad and offers to trade in assets like sneakers.

On the other hand, Velas stands for Virtual Expanding Learning Autonomous System, which provides an AI-based platform for interoperable transactions and uninterrupted block formation. In the field of distributed ledger technology, Velas is the unique blockchain with unparalleled durability and increased tolerance.

Recently, the team of Velas launched web as well as desktop wallets for the artificial intelligence blockchain. The token of Velas on is the latest milestone by the Velas. It will help the users to purchase the tokens and access a complete history of all the transactions of wallet within a secured digital environment.

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