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UAE Ministry of Health and Prevention Department Embraces Blockchain-Powered System


United Arab Emirates’ (UAE) Ministry of Health and Prevention (MoHAP) has adopted Blockchain technology in their system. The initiative will help easy share of the data from medical fraternity with the local authorizing bodies and with the citizens.

As reported by the official media sources, the ministry is certain that the smart move will cut down involved costs and excess time consumption and will upgrade the system with data integrity. The reformation will also accelerate decision making, which is essential in the medical field.

UAE’s Blockchain initiative 

The project is witnessed as part of UAE’s Blockchain Strategy 2021. The UAE government has launched Emirates Blockchain strategy in April 2018, which aims to upgrade 50 percent of government operations with the blockchain-based technology.

The government aims to secure national digital data, reduce document-based transactions, and speed up the operational process along with providing the best health care services to the nationals.

How will the project materialize?

As per Awad Saghir Al Ketbi, assistant undersecretary of the Support Services Sector, the reformation will happen in various stages. The first step will involve the integrity of health care database examined by health authorities with the general public and private medical professionals and entities on a single common platform. The platform will provide access to numerous specialty medicos with end to end encryption.

More specifically he said, “The sophisticated platform comes in line with the ministry’s strategy to develop smart systems, provide the best smart e-services, ensure the happiness of customers and implement TRA standards, smart government enablers, and the United Nations E-Government Development Index.”

Mubaraka Ibrahim, Director of Information Technology, emphasized the following benefits of blockchain technology.

She pointed out that the blockchain-based system will mark the following modifications:

  • The users can access safe and reliable data from the authorized sources.
  • The end to end encrypted data will allow safe and easy access to the end-users.
  • It will accelerate the essential decision making.
  • Automation will improve efficiency in operations and overall quality of services.
  • Will lower down the operational costs and will speed up the processes.


Recently, the Dubai Land Department (DLD), the real estate body of the Dubai administration has collaborated with a local Mashreq Bank to launch a blockchain-based mortgage platform.

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