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Tezos Might Book a New Low with the Crashing Market


The market is crashing down at tremendous speed; it has given a hard blow on the chest of the traders. Tezos has also taken up the same trend and it started falling; It may break the 90-days low record, which was at 0.834350 USD.

Yesterday, Tezos was seen dealing at 1.09 USD high and 0.852477 USD low. The volume was marked at 25,188,778 USD.

Tezos Coin Price Analysis:

The data feed was taken from Bitfinex on September 25, 2019, at 04:54:54 UTC for price analysis.

Tezos Price Chart

Yesterday, the day began with an upsurge; the price shifted from $1.04 to $1.08 by 3.77%. After then, there was a drop of 9.65% from $1.08 to $0.981. There was a slight recovery, which took the price up to $1.02 at 16:06 UTC, this surge is of 4.17%. Further, the price dropped and it took the lowest position of the day at $0.84 by 17.80%. After then, there was an escalation in price; XTZ climbed to $0.93 by 11.69%. Towards the end of the day, the price again slipped and touched $0.89 with a loss of 5%. Today, the coin is slipping since its inception.


The third quarter has brought disappointment for the traders. However, we were expecting that the coin would close the month with some visible recovery. In the coming days, the currency is expected to give flourishing result to the traders. The currency is highly recommended for the long-term traders, but for now, we would recommend holding in the investment.

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