Blockchain News Joins LongHash and Zilliqa Accelerator program ZILHive


Mintable, a Non-Fungible Token (NFT) platform, has accepted to join ZILHive, a blockchain accelerator program. The non-fungible token, which is known as creator and management platform by, has been acknowledged by Longhash and Zilliqa’s accelerator program.

Zilliqa’s accelerator’s 12-week program is supported by a joint effort between Zilliqa, a worldwide blockchain protocol, LongHash, a global blockchain incubator. Mintable, additionally, will be involved with four new projects for ZILhive’s opening on October 1st.

Mintable can be described as the latest generation digital files market that enables the user to create, browse, manage effortlessly, and trade non-fungible tokens on the network of Ethereum. Succinctly put, the platform is the one-stop answer for all things NFT servicing for creatives and collectors. Mintable, nevertheless does the difficult work, enabling the user to access the new token economic system.

ZILHive’s program comprises of functioning on workshops, technical consulting, mentor engagement, and finally closes with a Demo Day. Interacting with the Zilliqa people group will help in product launches and will open the doors for further funding. The selected projects if it meets all requirements for Zilliqa’s Ecosystem Grant Program, will qualify for funding up to 20,000 US dollars after the successful completion of ZILHive.

Co-founder of Mintable, Jesse Johnson, a short time ago spoke about what it means to be a part of the ZILHive associate said,

“Working alongside Longhash and Ziliqa is very exciting… these are some of the absolute best in their respective fields so working together means Mintable gets to full launch with something better, faster.”

The Mintable team, for the duration of the program, will be relocating to Singapore. Zach Burks co-founder added,

“The level of blockchain activity [in Singapore] is overly dynamic, and this is exactly the right place for our team to establish roots and work within a community that already has momentum on so many fronts.”

Zilliqa (ZIL) can be explained as a secure, scalable open blockchain platform based on the innovation of ‘Sharding’ and is intended to increase the scalability of digital currency systems, like Ethereum. Singapore is the home for some of the world’s most prominent blockchain companies and developers which include Zilliqa, Digix, Kyber Network, TenX and few more.

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