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BlockchainArmy Becomes Member of The Blockchain for Social Impact Coalition (BSIC)


Establishing itself as a reputed global blockchain advisory firm, BlockchainArmy has become a member of the esteemed group, Blockchain for Social Impact Coalition.

The Blockchain for Social Impact Coalition or BSIC as it is popularly referred to as, nurtures, develops, and devices confederated blockchain tools, products, programs, and solutions. It aims to use blockchain pedagogy in rendering successfully to social and environmental concerns directed towards the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals.

BSIC plans to lubricate and create cooperation links between NGO’s, government agencies, foundations, investors, philanthropists, technologists, amongst others. It focuses on varied sectors including financial inclusion, human rights, health and wellness, education, energy and environment, supply chain, humanitarian arena, etc.

The strategic joining of BlockchainArmy to The Blockchain for the Social Impact Coalition has been celebrated by the firm’s Founder President EROL USER and Founder COO Ali Sina User. The spearheads shared their happiness concerning the integration with the esteemed group. They shared that their platform is proud to become an active member of BSIC and thereby aiding the organization in its mission to address critical sustainability challenges.

According to the BlockchainArmy leaders, blockchain technology fosters exchange and collection of vital information/data in a transparent, reliable, and secure mechanism. As it restrains the stored data from getting sabotaged, it turns out to be an unprecedented tool for organizations belonging to varied domains.  The blockchain model facilitates ownership of data to a centralized regulatory authority which facilitates development and maintenance of the entire network channel. The DLT mechanism is open for the public, and any change in the data flow is easily visible to one and all.

The dignitaries counted the merits of the blockchain terminology by saying that blockchain allows peer-to-peer transactions which avoid the interference of a third party making trading trustworthy, accessible, and easy. They showed their excitement on joining the coalition with BSIC and striving to achieve its goals of sustainable development through the blockchain framework.

About BlockchainArmy:

Headquartered in Istanbul and Rotterdam City, BlockchainArmy serves as a global venture creation and capital advisory firm that is blessed with capabilities to foster blockchain technology development along with premium consulting services. The operation of the firm is spread across 20+ countries allowing regional and global representation for clients.

The platform works on an array of domains including:

  • Energy
  • Healthcare
  • Finance
  • Agriculture
  • Taxation
  • Government Solutions
  • Supranational Organizations
  • Supply-chain Management

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