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Tezos Gets Dominated by Bears; Falls as Low as $0.88


Tezos was trading at $0.9002 as on October 7, 2019 and price continued to rise. The next day due to couple of sharp rises, XTZ was being traded at the highest price of the said time frame $0.9586 with 6% growth. Despite the interim falls, XTZ managed to maintain the uptrend with price reaching $0.9600 on October 10, 2019. There were two major falls the next day with prices reaching $0.8807 and $0.8817. However, while writing this analysis, XTZ was reflecting a downtrend.

Tezos Price Analysis:

Tezos Price Chart

Tezos is indicating a bearish trend now by 5.39% as compared to the price of October 10,2019. We anticipate that price for XTZ may continue to fall tomorrow and reach around $0.9065. It may be traded within the price values of $0.9116 and $0.9142 in the coming few weeks.

Investors can purchase new coins or even sell some old coins in hand today as per their discretion. Today, the coin is expected to be traded within the price range of $0.8884 and $0.9129. The Chaikin Money Flow indicator also reflects the bearish movement of the coin. It is suggested to trade in XTZ from a long-term perspective as short-term goals may not be that effective.

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