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Stellar Price Prediction: XLM Movement Remains Flat and Inclined Towards the Bearish Zone

  • ICYMI recently organized a Stellar workshop in association with IDEO CoLab and CoinList’s Hackathon. For Stellar developers, it is a great opportunity to learn a lot.
  • In a recent podcast, Nikhil Saraf, Principal Software Engineer at Stellar Development Foundation, stated that international payments are not an easy challenge to tackle. The chain is working efficiently to cope up with the current fee-ridden systems and working for a more decentralized way of international asset transfer.

XLM Price Statistics:

  •  On September 17, at 10:45 UTC, Stellar is trading around 0.0590 USD.
  •  The 24-hour volume in the altcoin is 170,301,999 USD with a return on investment of 1,874.55%.
  •  At the above mentioned time, the total market capitalization of Stellar was $11,180,103,722.
  •  Further, a total of 20,084,644,343 XLM were circulating in the market, at the time of writing.
  •  Along with that, Stellar is valued at 0.00000575 against BTC.

XLM Price Chart

On August 21, Stellar was trading at 0.06886 USD. However, from there, the coin, today, has made a sharp dip of 14.6%. Similarly, in the last 7-days of trading, it broke down further by 1.46% from the marked price of 0.05994 USD on September 11. Nonetheless, the intraday trading was a bit bullish where it gained a momentum of 0.77%, after opening at 0.058171 USD. The coin closed, the other day at 0.058621 USD.

On September 11, the coin has declined by a substantial margin but since then, the movement has been more or less flattish. Additionally, the immediate resistance for the crypto is at 0.05916 USD and a support level is at 0.05806 USD.

It is a well-known fact that cryptos are a major source of foreign or cross border transactions. Stellar is one of the major altcoins working in the democratization of cross border trade. Meanwhile, it will be better to hold XLM chips for the long-term to make huge profits.

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