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South Korea’s crypto exchange market is in deep danger


For the past six months, a number of the most important crypto exchanges in Asian country are concerned in major scandals whereas facing police investigations and criticism from the community.

What happened? The acquisition of Bithumb, the investigation into Upbit, Coinzest’s delivery mishap, and therefore the arrest of 2 executives at Komid have caused AN overall decline in confidence from investors within the native cryptocurrency exchange market. Let’s run through every event on an individual basis.

At the conference, Kim said:

“We can produce a cryptocurrency exchange alliance supported Bithumb, that has the best level of liquidity within the world market, and make AN scheme that shares order books and liquidity with alternative leading exchanges. we have a tendency to conjointly noninheritable a corporation primarily based in Shanghai to specialize in compliance and to wear down restrictive frameworks.”

At the time, the takeover of Bithumb by a serious Asian conglomerate was a positive move for the exchange that then struggled to wear down numerous scandals throughout 2018 as well as 2 consecutive security breaches and questionable listings of unknown tokens.

Out of an attainable score of ten, Bithumb received four.67 within the space of cybersecurity by the researchers at conditioned emotion. as compared to alternative major cryptocurrency exchanges in the Asian country, within the areas of server security, Bithumb hierarchal comparatively high.

The exchange conjointly hierarchal beyond BitMEX in user protection, showing major enhancements since mid-2018. But, native publications according that the historical performance of Bithumb has the diode to an overall low score in security, provided that the exchange suffered 2 consecutive hacking attacks last year.

At the time, UPbit confirmed the continued investigation, however, denied allegations of wash trading or making false orders to inflate the company’s record.

“Upbit didn’t commit wash mercantilism (cross trading), unreal orders (provision of liquidity), or dishonest mercantilism. the corporate didn’t trade crypto-currencies that it didn’t own, or have its workers and workers have the benefit of such mercantilism. Upbit can absolutely collaborate with the authorities throughout its trial wherever the distinction of viewpoints between the Prosecutors’ workplace and Upbit relating to the strategies of dealings are going to be explained,” the UPbit team same.

The instability within the native cryptocurrency exchange market and therefore the scandals Janus-faced by dominant corporations within the house area unit motion a negative result on the image and therefore the name of cryptocurrencies within the region, that could lead on the market to stagnate and complicate the recovery method.

Investors in Asian country area unit in an exceeding state of affairs whereby little exchanges cannot be sure because of security vulnerabilities that arise from the model of increasing profit over security and major cryptocurrency exchanges face scandals and investigations on a reasonably regular basis.

Although cryptocurrency exchanges in Asian country have struggled in areas of security and capitalist protection over the years, exchanges aim to demonstrate signs of improvement in concealment interference. Hopefully, this can be the push the scheme must move forward.

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