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Riwigo Signs Memorandum of Understanding With Navera and Consentium


According to the official announcement by Consentium dated November 6, 2019, Riwigo has signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with Consentium as well as Navera. The new development comes after the recent collaboration that took place between Riwigo and Consentium to facilitate CSM usage on the Riwigo platform.

The collaboration aims to build a blockchain development that is more robust for supporting the efficacy of the platform. Apart from that, the team also intends to offer all the participants of the upcoming Riwigo IEO additional bonuses, along with more effective token sale pricing.

The announcement also revealed that the three partners would be able to implement the Navera protocol’s privacy and social aspects into Riwigo’s platform. It is important to note that Navera’s protocol lets users earn back interests on their crypto holdings, letting them expand their assets while building a more powerful crypto-based customer ecosystem.

Meanwhile, Riwigo is apparently keen to have Elastos as their infrastructure provider for enabling a stronger infrastructure backing it. The crypto community is already aware of the existing partnership between Consentium and Navera for adopting its chat app into its system. The Riwigo IEO is slated to take place on 11th November 2019 at 20:00 hours (GMT+8).

Riwigo, established in 2017 in Thailand’s Bangkok, is a blockchain-powered marketplace that connects consumers with service providers in the domain of wellness, beauty, care, and travel through Time Based Discounts.

Consentium is the first chat application that offers users crypto rewards for creating or engaging with any community or group.

Navera is an interoperable privacy-centered protocol, which aggregates blockchain’s micro-networks.

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