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Phunware Announces Launching of Initial Exchange Offering for its Phun tokens


A fully integrated cloud platform for mobiles, Phunware, (PHUN) provides solutions, products, data, and services for different brands around the world, recently declared that it would launch an IEO (Initial Exchange Offering) of Phun tokens on Liquid Global. Moreover, the coin will be launched on Liquid Global, the cryptocurrency trading platform, and individuals who are members of the exchange will be able to take part.

Furthermore, Phun is a creative utility token created by Phunware to power its latest Blockchain empowered Data Exchange and Mobile Loyalty Ecosystem. Besides, brands can use Phun to open improved functionality given by Phunware’s completely operational MaaS (Multiscreen-as-a-Service) platform and rewards buyers for their commitment.

Organizations that implement Phunware’s Multiscreen-as-a-Service solution will have the option to rebrand Phun inside their mobile applications for their clients. On the other hand, clients will have the opportunity to win Phun tokens for completing reviews, sharing content, or watching videos. When they receive the Phun tokens, individuals will have the option to spend it on offers on the branded market place, or goods and services.

Matt Aune, CEO said in a statement,

“Blockchain enables us to extend our MaaS platform by deploying an ecosystem to reward consumers for meaningful engagement that fiat currency just can’t replicate due to its inherently high transaction costs.”

Head of Asia Pacific, business development and sales at Liquid, Kai Kono, is anxious about what Phun is going to reveal.

“Phun represents one of the more professional and promising cryptocurrencies we’ve encountered since launching in 2014, We’re excited to offer our members a chance to buy into a cryptocurrency that can help drive mainstream adoption because it is backed by a publicly-traded US company with a proven track record that has raised more than $100 million from well-known investors including Samsung, Cisco Systems and World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE).”

Besides, to take part in this Initial Exchange Offering and be among the first to buy Phun, the individual needs to be a member of Liquid. The individual needs to Sign up to become a member. Currently, Phun is not accessible for buying in the United States, Canada, or any authorized nation.

Also, authorized buyers will have the option to take custody of Phun utilizing the ERC-20 wallet of their preference, or the mobile application portfolio, PhunWallet, which might be launched in Android and IOS before end of the year. With PhunWallet, buyers will have the option to follow the majority of their prizes by brand, control which brands they need to engage with and find new offers and openings continuously.

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