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KPMG Consultancy Defines Top Four Skills for a Blockchain Career


If you are a graduate or a professional with software development and business skills, want to make a career in the blockchain technology, then probably need to know few things before getting started to make a bright career in the blockchain field.

KPMG- a Big Four auditing firm mentioned the top four skills to make a career in the blockchain industry. The blockchain companies are looking out for candidates having these specific skill sets and definitely one to get hired.

KPMG reported companies are now gaining more knowledge about blockchain technology; studying what blockchain technology is and what it is capable of doing.

KPMG stated the skills identified are vital and essential in the upcoming days. The auditing firm hopes, more companies in this year will adopt and explore blockchain technology. They will implement them within their organization to identify new business models, pilot projects, and advance to scalable solutions.

Organizations now approach blockchain technology with a positive view. The blockchain technology will be facing new challenges and needs specific skills. Currently, the blockchain industry lacks specific talent. The young generation has noticed the maturity and is familiar with cryptocurrency and blockchain technology; they are more willing to learn and friendly with emerging technology.

To adopt these skills, the candidate need not be a fresh graduate or an experienced professional; neither should he be a technologist. A non-technical person can learn these skills; they only need to deploy effectively, and important to scale blockchain solutions.
An important concept of technology is to know how blockchain works and KPMG mentioned it’s crucial to know how to apply the knowledge to a particular use case.
KPMG’s Top Four Skills

1. Business Acumen: US blockchain program lead of KPMG, Tegan Keele said:

“The key thing we do at KPMG is balanced an understanding of how this technology works without being a blockchain hammer looking for a nail.”

You should know how to implement it and can be gained by having deep knowledge of business processes.
User from each department has a specific view and access. The unique views are important at the time of developing and defining powerful use cases and value proposition for a blockchain project.

2. Technology Literacy: It’s very much important to have technical concepts knowledge of blockchain technology like how blockchain operates and how can the knowledge be applied to a unique use case. The blockchain team members should know the differences between a wide range of technologies, particularly about the cloud protocol, networks, and ERPs, consensus mechanisms and to understand when different platforms and mechanisms to use.
KPMG stated this would verify they can understand how blockchain communicates with the existing technology ecosystem and how that ecosystem will affect the blockchain solution design.
Those candidates who are thinking to work as a blockchain developer, requires some knowledge about coding and programming languages such as JavaScript, solidity, HTML and other, will be an added advantage.

3. Data Analysis: Not necessary for every member to be a technologist to work with a blockchain project, the team should have data analyst to make use of accumulated blockchain data and present it appropriately.

4. Hacker’s Ability: The candidates interested in working in blockchain development of engineering field should have the mind of a hacker or should be capable of solving issues collectively by workshop setting pattern at the time when the client puts a business issue. They should view according to business objectives, indications, and value each of the members and then define the architecture and entire solution process.

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