IOTA Struggles for One More Day; Loses 0.80% Overnight

  • IOTA loses 0.80% in the last one day to touch 0.2664 USD.
  • It may find the next resistance at 0.273 USD.

IOTA has been down by 0.80% over the last 24 hours, and the value against USD has been down to 0.2664 USD. It has been through three price swings over the last day in the range between 0.2657 USD and 0.2744 USD.

IOTA Price Analysis

IOTA opened the day at 0.26861392 USD, and over the next 2 hours and 3 minutes, it was down to 0.26570228 USD, thanks to a 1.08% freefall. This was followed by a hike of 3.30%, and it added 0.00877 USD and placed the value at 0.27445749 USD by 19:36 UTC. The last swing of IOTA happened between 19:36 UTC and 03:26 UTC, and this swing cost 0.0083 USD and pushed the value to 0.26598065 USD.

Like the value against USD, the market cap has also been hit badly. The market cap on October 20 was 752.93 million USD, and it has been down to 744.40 million USD today.

IOTA Price

IOTA’s 20-day average stands at 0.2742717 USD, and the 50-day average is at 0.26509259 USD. The current trading price is 0.26645112 USD, which is 0.51% more than the 50-day average and 2.85% less than the 20-day average. It may find the next resistance at 0.273 USD.

IOTA (MIOTA)Resistance and Support Levels
1st Resistance$0.273887
2nd Resistance$0.276887
3rd Resistance$0.279722
1st Support Level$0.268052
2nd Support Level$0.265217
3rd Support Level$0.262217

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