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ADA Price Shows a Spiking Trend with its Intraday Movement


Nathan Kaiser, the Chairperson of Cardano Foundation will be attending the Cryptoeconomic Systems Summit on October 5 at MIT Media Lab. The summit aims to help in resolving any development and network queries that the investors might be facing at their end. Let’s hope to get some answers on the same.

ADA to USD Price Analysis:

ADA at the time of writing was seen trading at $0.0390 at 08:34 UTC as on October 3, 2019.

Cardano Price Chart

Observing the 24-hour price trend of Cardano we see quite an amusing trend in the given graph. The coin’s intraday movement shows a continual uptrend. However, it might drop anytime soon depending on the current market volatility. Yesterday, the value was initially seen trading at the lowest point of $0.03769 around 05:57 UTC. The value escalated by 4.71% at 16:27 UTC, trading at $0.0394.

The value from then slightly dropped by 2.02% at 17:07 UTC, trading at $0.03867. Later, the price of ADA then escalated to the highest peak of today until the time of writing at 04:14 UTC at $0.03961. The current trading price is a result of a marginal drop of 1.38% from the latter price mark.

The value of ADA was recently seen trading in the strong bearish zone. This might be an ideal time for the potential investors to join in the network. Considering the short-term movement, it is predicted that the price may remain inclined towards the lower range.

The resistance and support levels calculated are as follows:

Resistance Levels:

R1: $0.040018, R2: $0.040591, R3: $0.041666

Support Levels:

S1: $0.03837, S2: $0.037295, S3: $0.036722

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