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Indian PM Narendra Modi Claimed India Would Have Blockchain Companies in Next 5 Years


Indian PM Modi is one of the famous and known leaders in the world. There social media following is second after the most followed politician in the world, Mr. Obama. PM Narendra is also known for his presence of social media, his speeches and his friendship with new-age technologies. He is looked at as the leader who will usher India and Indian economy towards a brighter future.

He is famous even in the Indian population for improving cumbersome procedures in the public sector. So, as the technology is the subject, the recent news is worth the attention where Indian PM Narendra Modi made a promise to the public, and he would come with MSMEs of blockchain technology in the next five years. He has always shown an interest in this technology and had talked about it for the first time in February last year.  But recently, when he was present at the National Traders’ Convention, he promised to take a step ahead and claimed that he would come up with blockchain companies in the coming five years.

He said,

“In the next 5 years we’ll introduce this sector with technologies like Artificial intelligence, Robotics, Internet of Things, Virtual Reality and Blockchain. We want to strengthen our traders by moving on the path of minimum government, maximum governance with the help of technology.”

If this happens, Indian technology market will be a big boom, not just that, it will add to the employment and the day to day life of the common people would get uplifted to a new level in terms of performing daily tasks, especially where money, healthy and organizational structure is concerned. Well blossomed blockchain technology would help India join rest of the other countries which are already enjoying its benefits.

He also said that he would establish “ideal MSMEs” once he gets to function as PM for the second time.  Big universities and educational institutions in India have already started offering blockchain related courses. And if the Indian government itself decides to take a step, all the talent in the India market will get directed in one direction, “Growth of Indian Economy.”

Crypto space enthusiasts are hoping that once the blockchain enters the Indian market, it will not be hard to bring cryptocurrency too.

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