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Genesis Vision ties up With B2Broker


Genesis vision recently announced its partnership with B2Broker. B2B is the first of the major brokers to offer unified liquidity on digital assets with their MarksMan aggregator, B2BX.

Arthur Azizov, CEO and Founder of B2Broker, says

Our aim is to grow our list of partners. We are excited about our cooperation with Genesis Vision, and we will continue to do our best in order to deliver the best liquidity in the industry.”

The company considers this an important deal as this will help them initiate processes that will be beneficial to their managers as well as customers.

B2Broker is a technology and liquidity service provider in the arena of Forex and Crypto trading. They have helped empower enterprises offering then the most profound liquidity at an attractive price range. The solution is also easy-to-implement that provides more than 800 trading resources, such as  7 classes of assets, crypto CFD pairs, on a single account that supports multiple currencies.

Liquidity is gathered from providers that are at the top Tier-1 and some cryptocurrency exchanges, liquidity providers who are non-bankers, forex brokers, market makers, cryptocurrency brokers, institutional client’s OTC orders, hedge funds along with broker orders in thousands, that makes up for the most reliable industry pool for liquidity.

B2Broker collects & distributes liquidity through distribution frameworks like OneZero Hub, X-core, B2BX Marksman, etc., Tools for Brokers include Bridge, and bridge AMTS ECN, that provides cross and multi-connectivity for, MT5, MT4, B2Trader, AlphaPoint, DevExperts (DxTrade), xStation along with cTrader portals.

Genesis vision will be open to a range of benefits that include BTC, ETH or XRP marginal accounts, EUR, USD, GBP and any other nominated accounts for fiat currency, institutional liquidity direct access, low market commission, and large volumes, 24/7 trading and customer support, among other benefits.

The company feels very strongly about this partnership and says that it will be more than just “slapping a logo on a Homepage.” They are developing integration of organizations based on trust and benefit. The company said in a recent blog post:

From the very beginning, our goal has always been for the Genesis Vision Project to unite existing global financial market participants. But this endeavor was never just about the platform itself; it was also about the development of business connections and partnerships. It is a very important but enormously complex task which requires good execution, deep knowledge of the industry, connections, dedication and just as importantly but sometimes underappreciated, the credibility that comes with a good reputation.”

 ”These are not just paper partnerships. All the partners above play an active role in our ecosystem. Our traders have the ability to take advantage of the trading conditions and liquidity of our partners through our Genesis Vision and Genesis Markets projects.”

This new partnership with implies that traders from Genesis Market can directly access the following books in order:

  • Binance
  • LMAX
  • Huobi
  • B2BX Marksman
  • B2Broker


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