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Dark Web Hacker Proves Leak of Customer Data From World’s Leading Cryptocurrency Exchanges


As per the latest news published in CCN, it was revealed the hacker was trying to vend the data on the dark web, after being communicated by a nameless cybersecurity expert that managed to obtain three samples as proof the documents were sincere while posing as a purchaser.

CCN has been in contact with Binance’s head of PR, Leah Li, which noted the exchange has “investigated the photos in question, but there is no evidence that the leak is from Binance.” Li added that security is its highest priority and that it does its “utmost to ensure data breaches do not happen on our platform.”

As per the information shared to CCN, the hacker has an advertisement that has been on-line since July 2018, within which he claims to own hacked documents utilized in KYC checks – as well as identity cards and drivers’ licenses – from users of prime exchanges like Bittrex, Poloniex, Bitfinex, and Binance.

The data is ostensibly purchasable for $10 per one hundred documents or a lot of, with discounts applying for people who supply bulk, all the far to $1 per for more than 100. CCN was able to severally verify the ad on the darknet, that continues to be online. No links thereto are going to be extra to avoid promoting the service.

The document any reads he’s progressing to modification his on-line handle to avoid receiving any attention “my nickname I’ll modification it forever, to induce out of the spotlight I ne’er asked for.” As for his motivation to sell the photographs, he stated:

I do what gets Pine Tree State paid, that doesn’t hurt people in person, and I’m fine with what I do as long as I don’t hurt folks in person and financially.

Stablecoins—cryptocurrencies designed to peg to a rescript currency by being asset-backed or victimization algorithms—have become more and more fashionable. There area unit quite a hundred and twenty stablecoins already, and also the range is growing. the bulk of them target pegging to the U.S. greenback however some link to different currencies like the Japanese yen and pound.

At an associate invitation-only event in Singapore on Jan twenty, Huobi disclosed its intentions to make a stablecoin by Q2, 2019. “This year are going to be immense for stablecoins and that we are going to be a section of that. Huobi cluster can launch its own stablecoin in 2019 within the half of the year,” Chris Lee, corporate executive at Huobi cluster, aforesaid simply once his speech.

It looks there’s space for one more: Huobi is ready to be an ensuing company to supply its own stablecoin, even supposing it already includes a stablecoin product on its exchange.

The announcement was foreshadowed last year once Lester Li, head of Huobi United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, hinted a stablecoin was on the horizon at an occurrence in London. At the time Li explained why a stablecoin would be a decent issue for Huobi even supposing they’re typically loss-leaders. He argued that having a stablecoin would encourage a lot of folks to use the exchange, driving up revenue via mercantilism fees.

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