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Cloud communications company Vonage gets award for using blockchain technology


Vonage one of the foremost supplier of business cloud communications has been called the victor of the 2018 Aragon Research Innovation Award for the Communications Platform as a Service (CPaaS) classification. The Aragon awards identify providers leveraging unrealistic use of technology to not only familiarize as markets change but nonetheless it also vigorously changes and notify how their marketplaces will grow and change.The blockchain is a chain of blocks where each block contains data of value without any central supervision. It is cryptographically secure and immutable. A blockchain uses two important data structures: Pointers and Linked Lists.

The Invention Award distinguishes Vonage’s ability to deliver completely combined, influential programed infrastructures explanations through the Vonage API Platform Nexmo that determines good commercial consequences for their clientele. From an exclusive combination of united infrastructures, programmable way, and cloud contact center solutions, Vonage is not only seeing the requirements of its workers and staff but has methods to enhance efficiency, but the requirements of clienteles and how they want to interrelate.

The filing of this patent displays that any information can be a logical and physical storage means, while a verification server might confirm the cogency of a voice communiqué. The organization also reflects the claim of hardware and software mechanisms to access logged data. The filing further clarifies:

Signatures and timestamps may be published to a public blockchain such as that used for Bitcoin cryptocurrency transactions, or a blockchain specifically configured for use in signature and timestamp publication. A blockchain may be used to publish signatures and timestamps to a public medium, and the use of distributed database nodes inherent in a blockchain protects data against tampering, falsification, or loss due to individual nodes going offline.”There is a centralized server. And everyone who wants to connect with the server can send a query to get the required information. This is pretty much how the internet works. When you want to Google something, you send a query to the Google server, which comes back with the required results. So, this is a client-server system

About Vonage

Vonage Holdings Corp. is situated in Holmdel, New Jersey, with offices all through the United States, Europe, Asia, and Israel. Vonage is a listed trademark of Vonage Marketing LLC, owned by Vonage America Inc. Vonage is known as important commercial communication. True to its roots as a technology disruptor, it has comprised knowledge to alter how corporations connect to make good business consequences. Its exclusive cloud communications policy gets composed a vigorous united infrastructures solution with the agility of embedded, contextual communications APIs. This powerful mixture allows trades to cooperate more effectively and involve their clienteles more efficiently across messaging, chat, social media, video, and voice. Nexmo, the Vonage API Platform, provides tools for voice, messaging and verification, letting designers to effortlessly implant innovative programmable communications into websites, mobile apps as well as business organizations on a worldwide scale. The Business also delivers a healthy group of feature-rich inhabited message resolutions.

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