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China Will Harbor Public Blockchain Soon, Says Growth Head of Qtum


The world of blockchain is filled with exciting turns and twists. Recently, China took an unexpected reversal of attitude towards blockchain at BlockShow Asia 2019. Following an invigorating panel discussion, John Scianna, Head of Growth of Qtum spoke that the public blockchain is soon to arrive in China.

Now, why does his research holds significance?

It has been reported that John previously worked as a Research Analyst in the Chamber of Digital Commerce, which is touted to be the most dynamic and powerful

blockchain advocacy group based out in America. These days, he is having a crucial involvement in building & specializing in Qtum’s cross border strategy of marketing.

Observing the pace of digital developments in China over the course of the past 2 weeks, John asserted that the country could witness a massive inflow of investments. He also said that e-commerce players like Alibaba, Tencent, etc. will be the ones to endorse permissioned blockchain in the economy.

But the public blockchains can also be rightly considered to dominate the Chinese blockchain market. If that doesn’t happen under Chinese regulations, there will surely be a western entrant as a Smart project in the market, says John.

John also responded on Queries regarding the greatest blockchain announcement of the year 2019, by saying that, Facebook made a significant leap by introducing Libra in the arena of crypto development.

Besides, he thinks that Libra celebrated an undue benefit of its in-platform marketing.

According to John, the sites of blockchain marketing are undergoing intense change, with projects now following the technique of gorilla marketing. The signals they are casting to the users are apparent and quite varied from the traditional ones.

He also said that extra regulation could be an overkill for the technology and might have poor user experiences, as blockchain now features a self guarded market. He mentioned Binance as a symbolic representation of self-regulation, saying that the firm is on the right path with the law for a sustainable and thriving road to success.

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