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Bitcoin Cash Fluctuating At Equilibrium, Hoping To Surge In Upward Direction


Bitcoin Cash (BCH) is becoming a concern. But it possibilities of BCH surging above the baseline is quite high. However, we might have to wait for that for some more time to see the realization of the same.

Bitcoin Cash to USD Price Analysis:

Yesterday, the value stared trading in below the baseline at $270.21 at 01:13 UTC time. The value then increased by 4.99% at 09:45 UCT time trading at $283.69. The value unfortunately saw a drastic drop by 2.28% today at 00:14 UCT time when the trade changed to the value of $277.18. The value saw an upsurge by 1.41% at 03:11 UCT time with the trading value of $281.09 which is now dropped by 1.56% from then.

Trading in the ‘buying’ zone is an opportunity for new traders to join the community of BCH portfolio. However, the rumors have been supporting the surging of BCH soon enough. So at this time, the best trade decision might be just waiting for an ideal time to hit the trade surge.

BCH/USD Chart by TradingView:

Bitcoin Cash BCH

Considering the data of yesterday, the calculated resistance and support levels are as follows:

R1: 284.93, R2: 289.98, R3: 296.01

S1: 273.85, S2: 267.82, S3: 262.77

We might be able to see some new trades in the network and soon enough, some good returns in the network.

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