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Binance.US to be Unveiled in the Coming Weeks


The largest cryptocurrency exchange by trading volume, Binance has begun its trading platform for its US customers. Back in the month of June, the US customers had faced issued using its service. The issue faced by the US customer was taken care with an effort to comply with the SEC’s strict regulatory measures.

Binance US marketplace will open in North America for its customers. The post released by Binance confirmed a fast, specified, and secured digital market place. The launch will be going live for the users in the US through its website with plans for a mobile app.

Binance will be operating its US exchange in a partnership with Malta-based exchange, BAM Trading services. The partnership between Malta-based exchange and Binance would require Binance to provide its US operator with the license of its matching engine and wallet technologies. Binance’s US-based exchange will be headed by Catherine Coley. She was also the former head of XRP Institutional Liquidity at Ripple.

Binance, the most awaited US exchange in the month of September through a medium post, has several queries associated with it.  As per Binance US exchange, it requires the user to go through the KYC process by uploading a valid government ID and their Social Security number. Binance will also make a collection of the list of the States where it will offer the trading platform.

US Blockchain platform Binance, will not give service to its New York customers. Binance US in August declared a list of thirty cryptocurrencies which it planned to launch.

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