Will Bulls Be Able to Take Control of IOTA (MIOTA)?


IOTA had shown a steady upward momentum before the bearish trend set in the market. Even now the price has been showing intermittent levels of an upward swing as seen from the past 30-day price movements where the IOTA price is fluctuating in the range of $0.23 to $0.31.

IOTA Price Analysis:

IOTA has been through a lot of oscillations over the past 30 days due to the ongoing market pressure. The price of IOTA was at $0.2537 on September 02, 2019. With the bears continually putting pressure on its price, the currency slid to $0.2318, fall being to the extent of 7.90%. Then, the market started looking a little brighter with the price of IOTA moving with the upward momentum and reached $0.3097 on September 20, the rise is a whopping $33.63%.

With the bears getting again stronger, the price dropped to $0.2412 to the tune of 22.12%. On the next day, the price of IOTA improved slightly and reached to $0.2681, the rise is to the tune of 11.19%. Currently, the coin is trading at $0.2510 which is lower to the extent of 6% as of now.

IOTA Price Chart

IOTA had shown a good start to the year and it was on a continual uptrend till the end of May and then there were lot of fluctuations in June. Still, the IOTA price was able to hold its ground until the bears came into the market strongly in July. Then, the coin started trading downside and is still affected by the ongoing bearish pressure in the market.

As per IOTA’s past performance and data, most of the enthusiasts backing on the potential of the coin and feel that it will manage to regain its upward steady momentum by the year-end. Long-term investors should grab the opportunity and make investments from a long-term perspective.

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