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VeChain (VET) On a Verge of Recovery; Next Resistance to Look for $0.0039


Yesterday, the price of VET coin was initially seen trading below the baseline at $0.003493 at 04:30 UTC. Then, the price escalated by 8.97% at 14:02 UTC, where the coin was seen trading at $0.003806. Around 14:53 UTC, the price then dropped down by 6.95%, seen trading at $0.003539.

VeChain price from there escalated to the highest touch point seen today at 00:34 UTC when the coin reached a trading point of $0.003951. the slight drop in the value by 2.52% is seen as of now.

VeChain Price

VeChain Price Prediction

From the last 2 to 3 days, VET coin is trading upwards. Does that mean VET might cross the borders to the upsurge in the bullish zone soon? However, as per the volatility, it may face the next support at $0.0034.

On the upside, it seems to find the next resistance of $0.0041. However, the intra-day trade seems to be considered if you wish to earn considerable profits in the VeChain.

The resistance and support levels are calculated as below:

R1: $0.004165, R2: $0.003991 and R3: $0.003903

S1: $0.003641, S2: $0.003467 and S3: $0.003379

If we look at price fluctuations of VeChain from the past month, it shows moderate volatility. However, the average comes out to be dropping below the baseline. To conclude, the value might drop to the major support of $0.0032 by the end of 2019. So if you do not wish to burn hands in the investment, you might just want to analyze the VET trade as of now.

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