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US Senator and Crypto criticizer enters Presidential race


On the end day of the year 2018 Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren, a 69 years of age liberal made a statement that she will present exploratory council for the presidential race. This committee will help her to raise funds and appoint key staffs before starting her campaign.

on numerous occasions, we have seen many politician and entrepreneurs have expressed their views about cryptocurrencies. Some are positive while others have slammed it even before recognizing it. Elizabeth Warren, a high profile politician, has always been critical about cryptocurrencies.

Elizabeth Warren a democratic politician, who made her name in criticizing big banks and currently virtual tenders. She is the first major Democratic candidate, who has expressed her interest in taking up the highest post of the United States. She has also repeatedly shown her concern about the crypto consumers, that the scams run by the ICOs may hurt their sentiments and these currencies are vulnerable to be stolen.

She has always gone out of her way to criticize the banks and the unregulated capitalism. The decentralized aspect of digital currencies has drawn her interest towards it.

She even mentioned that it is a challenge to nurture the positive aspects of the digital tender that can protect its consumers. She is even concerned about the fact that American cryptocurrency consumers are becoming the prey of ICO scams.

The senator doesn’t seem to be a crypto fan as in 2017 she voiced her disapproval about the volatile nature of digital currencies. She even stated that this virtual market would leave many American families in pain.

Regulation is the major matter of concern for the crypto industry today. Many presume that misinformed regulators may bring the action that will ruin the development of the industry. They fear that the regulators may target the high-quality project and spoil them.

Elizabeth Warren is a prominent democratic leader of the country, so her announcement should not surprise those who follow political news. In 2007 she proposed a bill that talks about financial protection for consumers, one the remarkable achievement of her political career.

In her election campaign, she is most likely to promote economic fairness and racial equality which is a far cry for the present government although many believe that her chance of winning the election is very slim many suspects it to be the end of her political career.

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