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United States Patent and Trademark Office Awards Patent to Justfire CEO Jason Palazzolo


Various organizations have adopted the Blockchain technology, and now the technology is making its presence into the gun industry. Two US innovators have been awarded a patent for developing blockchain-powered recording system.

Georgia based gun product maker, Justfire has won a patent, first firearm manufacturer firm to be awarded a patent in the US.

An agency the United States Patent and Trademark Office awarded Jason Palazzolo and Kevin Barnes a patent for a ‘firearm environmental recording apparatus and system.’ The two investors won the patent on July 23rd, 2019.

As per the patent, the device measured as 3 inch by 3 inch by 5 inch will integrate blockchain technology for end-to-end information integrity. With the help of blockchain technology, the Justfire attachment will transfer information to a system of nodes for storage and encoding.

“Nodes of the blockchain network may include client devices, servers, and recording apparatuses, and token of a cryptocurrency may be provided to nodes for performing data transactions in the blockchain database.”

The filling mentions that database or network of blockchain might be used to store data or connect with any of the information collected by the device.

As per the LinkedIn, CEO and founder of JustFire company, Jason Palazzolo. Over its official website promotes the Justfire device named ‘BlackBox for your firearm.’ The stated device connects to the barrel of the gun and includes the same elements described in the patent, such as audio, video, data collecting, and three-dimensional recording.

The website mentions that the objective of this technique is to offer self-defense.

The device owner might use useful information as proof of a situation where deadly action was needed. Justfire, apart from this alleges only the firm will be able to access the encoded data, by default, the website reads.

On the website it mentions,

“Data and video footage that involves a violent action taken against another human will be automatically recognized by the device and instantly encrypted, becoming un-accessible to all parties expect Justfire Technologies LLC. Data will be provided to the owner of the device only through specific legal request, preventing any party from submitting the public to graphic illegal actions.”

As of now, the network uses 2 secondary cards (SD) to store encoded information. Jason Palazzolo mentions Justfire utilizes a mixture of independent sensors to gather every element of any given condition. In a self-defense case, this information can be used to reinvent the activities and events leading up to and after the release of a gun.

The gun manufacturer is looking for more funds to carry the design of its product further. They are planning to develop new features such as thermal, ultrasonics and laser imaging radar. Now, with the patent, Justfire firm is turning towards blockchain designing and execution.

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