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Travel Booking Service XcelTrip, Integrate Dash Payments on its Platform


Online travel booking service XcelTrip, which allows bookings in Cryptocurrency in over 15,00,000 hotels and 400 airlines has added Dash to list of Cryptocurrencies; its customers can use that.

CEO of XcelTrip, Mr. Gyanendra Khadka, said, “Dash has a highly active global community, and we are very excited to partner with them.”

XcelTrip is available as a downloadable app on IOS and Android mobile phones.

The use of Cryptocurrency reduces the cost of travel as it removes credit card and other expenses that the customer would have to bear. It also increases the privacy of travel.

XcelTrip also has a digital wallet “XcelPay Wallet,” which can be used for carrying out cryptocurrency transactions in a secure environment. That cuts out banks, currency conversion fees, etc. which also reduces travel costs. The XcelTrip wallet runs on both tablets and mobile phones.

XcelTrip offers cashback of up to 15% to its customers on their bookings. These can be credited to their wallets and used in the future.

Dash, designed primarily as a payments system, is the fifteenth largest Cryptocurrency in the world. It has recently been listed on Cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase.

Dash has a transaction fee of one cent. Low transaction fees and low transaction time have helped increase Dashs appeal as a Cryptocurrency.

Dash is already accepted by other travel booking services like More Stamps Global, and TravelbyBit. More recently, Travala has become an official partner of Dash Core Group.

The deal between Dash and XcelTrip is one more step in mainstreaming of Cryptocurrencies.

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