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The Survival of the Digital Currencies is Undisputable: NYSE Chairman


Jeffery Sprecher who is NYSE Chairman as well as CEO of International Exchange (ICE), spoke at the Consensus Invest conference –

‘When I saw the headlines asking, ‘will the digital assets survive?’, I would say that the unequivocal answer is yes! We are kind of agnostic to price’

Kelly Loeffler who is CEO of Cryptocurrency platform called Bakkt also attended the Consensus Invest conference. (ICE owns Bakkt. Its launch is expected early in 2019.) Loeffler expressed her views on Bitcoin BTC futures contract offers:

‘The Bakkt futures contract will help Bitcoin traders to establish a trusted price. Bitcoin now trades at different prices on different exchanges, many of which are unregulated.’

Showing a proactive approach, ICE partnered with Blockchain Tech Company Blockstream in order to bring ‘disciplined’ BTC price information to the major Wall Street investors. ICE plans to deliver data to the big financial names that include hedge funds and trading firms, by taking the data from fifteen major exchanges.

In the month of May 2018, ICE was seen announcing its plans for its customers owning BTC, by offering traders contracts. As per reports, ICE is discussing new operations with financial institutions. These operations shall allow banks to buy a contract, known as ‘swap.’ The swap will end with the customer owning a Bitcoin the very next day. This will be done is complete support and security of the exchange.

‘Association for Digital Asset Markets (ADAM) has been established to design a ‘code of conduct’ for the cryptocurrency sector. The founding members of Association for Digital Asset Markets (ADAM) include former CEO of the NYSE Duncan Niederauer, crypto merchant bank Galaxy Digital of Mike Novogratz, global financial services firm BTIG, FinTech firm Paxos and crypto liquidity solutions provider GSR.’ As reported in the early half on Nov. 28th, 2018, by Cointelgraph.

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