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NASA Looking to Seek Data Scientist with Knowledge of Cryptocurrency


Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL), which is engaged in research and development for making robotic spacecraft, for the space agency and especially for U.S. National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), has posted an advertisement for the post of Data Scientist which mentions that “Experience with Cryptocurrency and Blockchain is considered a plus.” No explanation is given as to how a candidates knowledge of cryptocurrency and blockchain would be applied to space technology.

According to the advertisement, the Data Scientist will develop applications for robotics, artificial intelligence, multi-mission systems, mission assurance, cloud computing, and next-generation flight hardware. They will also be responsible for design a program for modeling, data mining, research, and predictive analysis purposes. A candidate would require a Bachelor’s degree in Engineering, Science, Computer Science or Information systems with 1 years’ experience or a Masters degree with zero experience.

This advertisement has led to speculation that JPL and by extension NASA could be planning use-cases for cryptocurrency and blockchain technology in its space program.

A Data Scientist familiar with cryptocurrency and blockchain could help at least explore the potential of any project based on blockchain and cryptocurrency. Based on his analysis, the organization would be able to study the feasibility of any blockchain project.

According to the advertisement, the candidate would primarily require knowledge in fields like Big Data, cloud computing, statistics, analytics, machine learning, deep learning, computer programming, databases, data integration, data gathering, data “munging,” visualization, Internet of Things (IoT) and communications.

As Blockchains break the space frontier, what is evident is that more and more people are interested in exploring the technology and comparing it with their systems to see if they can create any use cases for it. The fact that the technology is considered safe enough and stable enough to be even considered for space travel will reassure those seeking to implement if for more earthly ventures.

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