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Kakao’s Blockchain Arm Raises $90 Million in Private Token Sale


Ground X, the blockchain subsidiary of South Korean electronic messaging big Kakao, has raised $90 million in a very non-public coin providing.

As rumored recently, Ground X corporate executive Jason Han dynasty aforementioned that IDG Capital, Cresendo Equity Partners, and Translink Capital had participated within the spherical. The firm is additionally reportedly progressing to raise “a similar sum” in another spherical beginning Tuesday, before launching its blockchain platform in recent month.

Kakao initial discovered its conceive to came upon a blockchain subsidiary back in March 2018, presently when confirming that it had launched Ground X to develop a blockchain-powered platform as a foundation for application developers. Kakao’s prime execs aforementioned at the time that the set up was to integrate future blockchain-based services with Kakao’s existing web offerings like the Kakao speak electronic messaging app.

Ground X launched a check network (or testnet) for its proprietary blockchain network, dubbed Klaytn, last season. it’s already partnered with twenty-six corporations that aim to run apps on Klaytn, Han dynasty told Bloomberg. These embrace South Korean game developer Wemade and video streaming platform Watcha, moreover as a unit of Chinese agency Zanadu.

The subsidiary has additionally aforementioned it’ll work with the Seoul Digital Foundation, a corporation created by the Seoul Metropolitan Government, to develop blockchain comes specializing in social and public services.

Ground X can be summed up as “partial or gradual decentralization,” Han dynasty told CoinDesk Choson last year, adding that a number of Kakao’s services can be suburbanized.

He added:

“The behavior modification could be a business model that nobody may have fanciful before. Until now, Kakao has solely operated in Choson, however through blockchain, we tend to may expand into the worldwide market. which means taking a little of the profits we tend to earn as associate degree treater and mistreatment it to expand our market by sharing it with users.”

Ground X is behind a public blockchain known as Klaytn, that when being delayed last year is anticipated to form its debut in October. whereas the token sale wasn’t public, huge investors were lining up despite the close to eightieth decline within the bitcoin worth since the height.

Ground X’s non-public token sale open over a three-month stretch at year-end 2018, attracting institutional investors across non-public equity and capital together with China-Focused IDG Capital, South Korea-based Crescendo Equity Partners, and U.S.-based Translink Capital, the latter of that is devoted to serving to entrepreneurs establish partnerships in Asia. they’re creating a play Klaytn, to not mention the balance-sheet muscle of parent company Kakao, whose electronic messaging app KakaoTalk dominates among smartphone users in South Korea

The Klaytn blockchain seeks to differentiate itself from different networks by skipping the requirement for “wallets, non-public keys, and cryptograph addresses,” that they expect can create it additionally accessible to thought users and that may justify the launch delays.

Ground X has bold plans, with expectations to grow its range of users to ten million over consequent twelve months.

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