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Japanese Firm Rewards Users with Cryptocurrencies for Watching Video Ads


While the Cryptocurrency market is undergoing a tough time, here is a Japanese Video Company, which has begun to spread its outreach to English-speaking platforms. The company has its own digital currency, produced by the Last Roots Corporation, well known for its cryptocurrency exchange.

The platform posts short video advertisements and already has more than 50 thousand active users and approximately five million transaction activities every month.

Recently started startup c0ban is based on the idea of bringing together blockchain and video advertisement. The base idea of this platform is to pay a user for watching video ads posted on c0ban’s online applications. The user is paid with RYO (a c0ban coin).

Their idea is quite similar to the sites that give offers and reward points to their active users. To avail the rewards, users need to sign up to the web platform, watch the video ads that show up on the screen and then get the prizes. It is indeed a straightforward process.

Nevertheless, the video advertising firms are upfront with some big issues these days. Most of the times, visitors skip the video promotions, they don’t find it interesting to watch it till the end. Also, the current video advertisements are not very cost-friendly. As indicated by the c0ban group, their web application can solve these issues by rewarding visitors for watching videos ads.

As indicated by c0ban fans blog, there are some local stores in Japan that accept RYO. Users need to watch a couple of video ads, they then get rewarded with c0ban crypto coins using which they can purchase lunch. However, the number of such local stores are very limited. Last Roots is planning to work towards expansion of these stores in the coming future.

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