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Good News for Realtract, Gets Listed on Bcnex


Popular blockchain Bcnex made several inroads over the years. It was brought into existence by young aspiring tech specialist with the sole aim of making it as one of the most reliable and extraordinary blockchains all across the globe. And, they did achieve their dream. Their efforts paved the way towards the formation of a promising cryptocurrency trading platform for scores of people all over the globe. The teams’ huge efforts earned them the reputation of reliable experts in the field of blockchain technology.

The powerful system can now handle without any hassle a whopping 2,000,000 order/s, boasts of the lowest fee of (0,0375%), sufficient security, and last but not the least outstanding customer service. The platform has now earned the reputation of one of the best in the crypto trading sectors.

Today Bcnex managed to add another feather to its cap by listing Realtract (RET). It has highlighted how Bcnex has emerged as an established and safe platform over the years for both the partners and users.  With this change, Realtract will now be available for deposits with the trading pair RET/BTC.

The sheer focus of Realtract will be on Smart Contract 2.0 bases on Blockchain 4.0 where it will strive to offer stronger performance speeds of approximately millions of transactions every second.

Realtract’s main goal will be to take up the expandability concern of blockchain by using the DAG protocol application falling under its blockchain. Presently, RET offers several applications to various industries and processes.  It desires to form a trustworthy network. In this direction, Realtract is planning to sort out the transparency concerns with its latest Proof-of-Algorithm by utilizing Trusted Score to make sure that the process functions with greater consistency and correctness of included blocks.

RET chain will also be able to boost the transaction processing with the help of Infinity Block Graphs. The transaction processing levels of RET Chain will be enhanced by approximately 2 million TPS. It will ensure greater flexibility in RET chain applications in several technical areas that need stronger processing speed. As Realtract has emerged a unique blockchain with realistic application, it seeks to apply the technology and make it instantly available for all.

As of now, Realtract has not yet taken up any ICO or crowdfunding activities. It seeks to build a profit-generating business as that will provide a supportable path to support growth in the longer run.

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