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Ethereum Crossed 50 Million Unique Registered Addresses Which Are Decreasing Day-By-Day


The bear market continues but still, the price of Ethereum, Ripple, and Bitcoin are not redeemed. Current price trend of cryptocurrency does not seem to represent the development of the market. Despite all this, ETH (Ethereum) achieved a new milestone of 50 million unique registered user addresses according to ETHERSCAN (ETH BlockExplorer).

In the past few days, Ethereum experienced price fall below the $100 mark. But on Saturday, the Ethereum network did see an increase of around 168,506 unique registered crypto-wallets trending up which reflects the steady growth in the year. ICOs sell-off across 416 ETHs in last 30 days. SingularDTV along with Argon and Kyber are the largest projects which contributed to selling ETH. These projects hold an amount of 2.9 million Ethereum which is equivalent to the current value of $290 million. But the number of ICOs and their total value had decreased significantly since early 2018.

As per the data released by, there is a constant increase of around new addresses registration per day since, May 2017. However, the highest historical everyday progress of unique Ethereum addresses was registered on Jan 4, 2018, with more than 352,888 created on ETH network.

Eric Schmidt (Google Co-Founder) and Steve Wozniak (Apple Co-Founder) both feel that there is so much potential in Ethereum’s Technology. According to them, ETH will prove to be a strong tool that can change the world if it succeeds to optimize scaling and can be utilized globally.

The graph of unique address growth is trending upwards which indicates the number of live crypto-wallets. According to the cryptocurrency reports by Coinmetrics, the index also represents the number of sending and receiving addresses carrying out transactions every day. On the other hand, data by BitInfoCharts represents the number of active Ethereum addresses which are steadily decreasing throughout 2018. After attaining its peak on 4 January 2018, active Ethereum addresses experienced a drop of more than 1 million till mid-January. Since then, it has fallen about 70% in the year 2018. The total number of active Ethereum addresses recorded on 16th Dec was 328,400.

According to, the number of unique Bitcoin wallets recorded latest on Dec 15, was 364,387 which was 1 million less than that recorded on Jan 3, 2018. The highest number Bitcoin wallets were registered on Dec. 14, 2017, with more than 1.13 million active wallets as per the report from BitInfoCharts. Thereby Ethereum overtook Bitcoin briefly in January and it seemed that Ethereum might take Bitcoin’s place. It also did but didn’t keep it at all and Ethereum along with Bitcoin fallen down together till summer. At that time, Ethereum developers announced a change of plan which involved Hybrid Proof of Stake (PoS) upgrade.

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