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Crypto Exchange Binance Launches OTC Trading Desk


Binance, one of the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchanges by adjusted trading volume, announced that it had launched its crypto-to-crypto over-the-counter (OTC) trading desk. Binance’s blog post says that this OTC desk allows “Binance users to trade larger amounts of many cryptocurrencies listed on the exchange, with transactions being settled via their Binance accounts.”

The policy offers its clients a way to numerous options of payments such as credit, bank transfer or debit card and is ground-breaking a money payment facility. Customers will be able to make a pickup of cash where assets will be noticeable in their bank accounts directly, and that will be obtainable for exchange in just 24 hours.

A cash deposit service will also be available when any customers will choose this new exchange. Bitex which is a Dubai based cryptocurrency exchange appears to make a technique in the Middle East by providing a trading platform related to cryptocurrency as well as the wallet. Bitex would be starting with Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum and Litecoin at the start and it will be accessible to trade for patrons. The crypto exchange will also be launching a crypto wallet. The transaction will allow users to buy cryptocurrencies using bank transfer as well as bank cards.

It has been an incredible whirlwind of a year that saw severe yet mainly foretold challenges met with pliability and originality, growth across existing as well as new products, new businesses acquired and integrated, and powerful new products and services built and launched. 2018 proved to be the most significant year in our short history to date.

According to Monark Modi CEO, this is the best and perfect time for the presentation of the Cryptocurrency exchange Bitex quoting that the govt of UAE has made tremendous paces in acceptance of cryptocurrency. Bitex exchange will make it simple for natives to payment and removal of authorized money while trading crypto asset, a significant advantage Modi considers.

The new launch has mainly pushed UAE to the competition to develop a blockchain innovator and crypto front-runner in the forthcoming days. The middle-east has revealed intense attention in crypto trading activities and is presently looking to be the world’s leader in the business.

The increasing worldwide attention in crypto naturally spreads in the Southeast Asia and Gulf countries, the chief places of Islamic money. Nonetheless, since crypto and related know-how are products of commercial business and substances of assumption, the bitcoins will not be suitable mainly with the castes. The reason being Sharia values, in addition to not authorizing attention expenditures, highlights actual financial movement grounded on assets and just not the guesswork.

Dubai Multi Commodities Centre has also presented Proprietary Trading in Crypto-commodities, a regulator activity in Dubai. Following this, the first license for a Dubai-based firm trading in cryptocurrencies was issued in March 2018. At present the new changes in UAE regulation have made today the perfect time to seize the opportunity to introduce a new, secure, flexible, professional trading platform, said Monark Modi, Bitex UAE’s CEO.

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