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Craig Wright Seeks Yet Another 30-Day Extension to Postpone 500K Bitcoin Payout


Craig Wright, who claims to be the inventor of Bitcoin or BTC, has sought yet another extension of a deadline to resolve his pending case. The case also involved his late partner Dave Kleiman.

Wright’s lawyers had filed the new 30-day additional time limit on September 17, for all the case deadlines and discovery. The lawyers explained the requirement to facilitate the continuing dialog with Wright’s partner late Dave Kleiman’s estates as the parties have taken up huge settlement talks.

If the content in the document is to be believed, Wright’s attorneys and Kleiman’s estate have arrived at an ineffectual agreement to sort out the case and are pursuing to settle and finalize all the appropriate terms.

The 30 days extension has come after a two-week extension granted on August 30. Earlier, the court had ordered to give 50 percent of approximately 1 million Bitcoin which Craig Wright had minted with his late partner Kleiman. Soon after the court order, Wright’s lawyers decided to file an extension of 14 days on August 30.

Wright’s attorney had highlighted several reasons for the 30-day extension. The attorneys cited a few forthcoming deadlines which included Wright’s disagreement to Judge Reinhart’s sanctions order which is scheduled to take place on September 24. Another deadline includes the plaintiff’s motion for lawyers’ fees which is scheduled for September 20. According to the defendant party’s claim, arriving at a final binding settlement will be in the best interest of both the parties and it needs an extension of the time limit.

Craig Wright’s party sought to defy Reinhart’s order in the support of Dave Kleiman’s estate in the filing. As per the Reinhart’s order, Wright is required to shell out 500,000 Bitcoins. Wright’s party argued that he did not concede that the judge has the authority to enter the order.

Earlier, at the end of August, Wright opined that Dave Kleiman’s estate may witness some tax-related problems with Bitcoins that they had won from him in the court case.

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