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Cosmos Price Drops by 13%; Expected Improvement Seems Farfetched


The crypto market is crashing down since the opening hour. There is an expectation of improvement in the second half, but the chances of the same seem extremely thin. The traders were looking forward to some extra-ordinary closing after spending two terrible months in the third quarter, but that seems to be farfetched anticipation.

If we take a look at yesterday’s price movement, the currency was seen dealing a high at 2.66 USD and a low at 2.09 USD. The volume marked is at 188,249,041 USD.

ATOM/USD Price Chart:

The Trading View chart is taken from Kraken on September 25, 2019, at 06:32:23 UTC for price analysis.

Cosmos Price Chart

Yesterday, Cosmos (ATOM) started with an upsurge; the price moved from $2.5 to $2.6 by 3.42%. Later, the coin fell and touched $2.3 from $2.6 by 10.01%. There was a slight recovery, which took the coin to $2.5 and this surge added $0.1590 by 6.69%. Further, Cosmos again fell by 19.07% and took the price from $2.53 to $2.05. In the later hours, Cosmos recovered and added $0.3153 in the price of coin; this escalation was of 15.37%. The intraday loss was of 10% as Cosmos closed at $2.29. Today, there was again an escalation in the opening hours, which took the coin to $2.4 from $2.29 by 6.14%, but later dropped to $2.2 by 9.32%.

Cosmos is expected to drop from the level because of the market pressure. However, there is a possibility of a rapid recovery in the market, so the coin can also take the same and climb back to the level, where it was yesterday. The current situation is undoubtedly heartbreaking and thus we would recommend the traders to stay put.

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