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Co-Founder of Circle Jeremy Says Stablecoins will Dominate Only if they are using the Open Standard Technique


The co-founder and CEO of Circle payments company, Jeremy Allaire mentioned that the industry continues to observe new competitors in the market, stablecoins that are using open standard method will succeed. He said it in an interview on March 19 with Fortune’s crypto-focused segment the ledger.

On the basis of reports, Circle has introduced its US dollar backed, ERC-20 stablecoin USD Coin (USDC) in the past summer through the consortium Centre. The Centre counts the crypto exchange and mining firm Bitmain as associates. An open network of token and open source protocol is also known as Centre which offers interoperation through a bid to safeguard and support a large ecosystem for the asset.

By using the metaphor for making an HTTP mainly for cash over the internet might assist world-wide, large involvement of various actors; Jeremy Allaire believes that such a method is eventually going to be more successful as compared to a single company that is introducing a cryptocurrency of their own.

During the interview of Jeremy Allaire with The Ledger, he accepted the recent unauthenticated reports related to the popular social media site Facebook. The report had said that Facebook’s quite private plan of launching its own stablecoin asset which could be integrated for payments across a messaging service mostly for Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, and Instagram.

Facebook has taken a positive approach, and we have adopted it so as to develop a consortium model. When the company imagines of a standard on how fiat money is been operated over the internet, it’s quite serious because it is an open standard and most of the companies can implement it which include self-governance tool that offers a technical standard and also a membership framework.”

Earlier it was reported that the twins of Winklevoss had reflected over the remark of Jeremy Allaire in assuring that the stablecoin creation of Facebook as a positive indication for the entire industry related to cryptocurrency, meanwhile pointing out at the potential restrictions of the projects.

During the summer of 2018, Jeremy Allaire had projected stablecoins as an important element of the infrastructure basically for creating a tokenized global economy.

In May, Circle packed its 10 million dollar fundraising round which was led by Bitmain so as to generate capital for its project USDC; its estimation has reached around 3 billion dollars. The more latest numerical data for the firm after the extension of the crypto bear market has not been officially revealed. However, Jeremy Allaire had spoken to The Ledger that the firm company would continue to notice an important growth year after year.

In 2019, the banking giant company of United States JPMorgan Chase had announced its plan of launching a stablecoin which has also received criticism due to its loss of interoperability.

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