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BlockchainArmy Founder President Erol User Attends the Cryptofin Conference and Expo as a Keynote Speaker


Erol User, the highly acclaimed Founder President of world-class blockchain consulting company, BlockchainArmy recently graced North Europe’s most crucial blockchain-oriented event, the Cryptofin Conference and Expo which was organized in the capital city of Estonia.  The conference was a two-day long affair and was organized on October 14th and 15th.

Interestingly, the conference brought the most elite personalities from the blockchain and other finance sectors under one roof. With more than 30 speakers sharing their views on an array of strategically important issues concerning the blockchain domain, the event was undoubtedly an informative ground for the finance enthusiasts. One of the prime keynote speakers during the conference was Erol User, the spearhead of BlockchainArmy. He gave an exemplary speech on the topic ‘How To Foster Space Waste Management Using Blockchain Technology,’ during the conference.

Erol User at Cryptofin Conference

In his speech, Erol showed his concern towards the increase in the volume of debris or space junk, which is bundling up in various orbits around the Earth. He stated that this junk is likely to hamper the installed satellites as well as is likely to turn into a hurdle for future missions. Debris can be anything including parts of old satellites, paint chips, or an obsolete satellite. The removal of debris from the orbits is quite important, as, in the case of negligence, certain orbits will become unusable in the coming years. The current technologies suggest deorbiting the debris after collecting it with a special satellite and later burning both the objects. Also, shifting junk objects with a powerful laser beam can help in getting away with the debris.

BlockchainArmy’s head suggested that as a counteraction, the researchers are working to create an autonomous spacecraft that would be capable of making decisions without human interference. The research is directed towards drafting out a system that employs blockchain technology, AI, and deep learning techniques.

He explained that the time lag between the vehicles in space and their human controllers on Earth also creates a major problem in space exploration missions. Erol clarified that the use of semi-autonomous space machines could solve the time lag issue to a great extent as the vehicles will be capable enough to make some decisions all by themselves. He added that sometimes the machines get damaged on collision with the space debris. Erol revealed that the researchers are working to employ blockchain technology to trace space debris so that necessary path corrections could be made by the network.

Erol User

Erol, in his speech, bragged about the blockchain pedagogy by saying that it can work wonders in automating significant space operations and also aid data collection in space. The researchers aim to enhance the data collection system by including IoT satellite networks clubbed with the new-age smart contracts technology. He added that the blockchain ledgers will render Big data security, utility, and longevity and will also help in avoiding loss of strategic data collected by the vehicles.

The leader opined that the decentralized mechanism is likely to bring a new and advanced phase of space exploration. According to him, the blockchain technology can be employed to come up with a secure and decentralized platform for space exploration that can process massive data efficiently. He even mentioned about NASA and European Space Agency striving to exploit the merits of blockchain terminology for lubricating space missions and internal operations.

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