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Blockchain Consulting Company BlockchainArmy’s Chairman Delivered Keynote Address at UNSPED Annual Meeting


BlockchainArmy, one of the most respected names in the blockchain development and consulting industry, is helping organizations across industries to realize their potential to the fullest. By offering innovative and cutting-edge blockchain solutions, Blockchain Consulting Company BlockchainArmy has carved out a special place for itself. The organization is managed by seasoned technology veterans, who have years of enriched experience in the financial technology domain. Take, for instance, Erol User, the Chairman & Co-founder of BlockchainArmy, and a well-known figure in the financial technology domain is known for his business acumen and has helped many businesses to establish and grow at an enviable pace.

Erol User and UNSPED Event:


Erol User

Adding one more feather to his well-adorned hat, User was invited as the keynote speaker in the UNSPED annual meeting event. Just so you know UNSPED event is one of the largest technology congregations and witnesses participation of enthusiasts from all over the world. Speaking on the occasion, User highlighted the importance of blockchain technology while emphasizing the role of digitization in the coming times. He said, that in order to fully realize the potential of the internet, the blockchain technology has to provide the groundwork for safe and secure digital transactions.

The one area where blockchain can significantly contribute is transparency, which is incidentally one of the most significant concerns of the people when it comes to the complete digitalization of the processes. Erol User stressed that using blockchain technology, the safety concerns of over 6.4 billion devices operating online can be allayed successfully.

Stressing sectors like Healthcare, commerce, and financial technology, User noted that these sectors won’t be able to grow significantly in the digital space without the foundational support of blockchain technology. Adoption of blockchain can unlock many value-generating avenues for the companies which will, in turn, help them grow in a sustainable manner in the future.

Erol User and UNSPED Event

That said, User fully acknowledged various challenges in the way of full blockchain adoption and stressed that all stakeholders need to come together in order to find cost-effective and efficient solutions to these issues. In sum, the keynote address by Erol User evoked admiration from participants as people hailed User’s vision for the future digital world underpinned by blockchain technology.

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