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Binance’s Community Manager Travels Across Australia Using Crypto, Make Bookings via Travelbybit


In an interesting blog post, Lucy Quaglia noted down how TravelbyBit helped her travel across Australia, solely using crypto. She described her entire trip, giving an insight into the crypto adoption scene in Australia, and things are looking pretty exciting for the industry.

Lucy noted that she could use crypto throughout her trip, making apparent how Australia has grown to become among the leading developed countries to adopt cryptocurrencies. She stated that she used Bitcoin and BNB to pay for flights, accommodation, food, and transportation. The only thing she wasn’t able to use crypto for was a ferry trip and hopes that by the next time she is back down under, the ferry boat will also accept crypto.

She further added that using crypto was much easier and faster in Australia, and Allowed her to save a big chunk on currency exchange fees. Lucy said,

“All you need is a mobile wallet, such as the Trust Wallet, which can be set up on your smartphone quickly and easily. The merchant will present you with a QR code, which you then simply scan using your mobile wallet and hit send! With hundreds of merchants to choose from all around Australia, there’s certainly no shortage of options when it comes to traveling using nothing but crypto.”

Adoption of cryptocurrencies is the biggest factor that could drive the growth, development, and sustainability of crypto industry in the future, and to push adoption, ease of usage plays a key role. Integrating crypto in day-to-day shopping, like groceries, public transport, e-commerce, etc. is extremely vital, which would develop confidence in the crypto owners to invest in crypto.

TravelbyBit is a crypto-blockchain company focused on improving the travel experience of crypto owners, by facilitating crypto-fiat payments across the globe. However, for the success of such potent platforms, it is necessary that the community at large is made aware of these services, and posts from influential crypto personalities like Lucy will help a great deal.

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